Work Package 1. Identification, commitment and follow-up of end-users groups all along project duration

D1.1 End-users groups

D1.2 Recommendations report on learners needs and requirements

D1.3 Guidelines for the pathway approach for the learners/users

D1.4 Optimisations list from the testing levels

Work Package 2. Identification, selection and collection of formal and informal contents to feed the platform

D2.1 Database from European and national initiatives

D2.2 Database of data from the partners’ static and statistic studies

D2.3 Consolidated database exploitable by the algorithm

Work Package 3. Technical specifications and implementation of the platform through its pedagogical functionalities

D3.1: Functional specifications

D3.2: Technical architecture of the platform

D3.3: Beta version of the platform

D3.4: Release candidate version of the platform

Work Package 4. Analysis of end-users outputs and optimisations

D4.1: Functional and Technical improvement report from users’ feedback

D4.2: Analysis of the outcome of the project regarding its objectives for the workers/learners in terms of enhancement of career and learning pathways

D4.3: Report dedicated to stakeholders regarding the platform potentiality

D4.4: V1 ready to be launched at larger scale through dissemination activities

Work Package 5. Replication study at European Scale

D5.1: Database of European, national and local wide initiatives in skills screening and promotion of VET and adult education

D5.2: Replication and transferability plan

Work Package 6. Communication and dissemination

D6.1: Communication and dissemination plan

D6.2: Website and social networks

D6.3: Communication materials

Work Package 7. Project management

D7.1: Quality Plan and management tools

D7.2: Meeting reports

D7.3: Midtem report

D7.4: Final report