In order to guarantee a good quality platform that will be tailored to the needs of the users, OIC Poland Foundation conducted a pilot testing in Poland. The aim of the pilot testing was to collect the feedback from the potential users of the platform on the technical issues, ease of use, usefulness of the platform, overall experience and visual identity. Thanks to the collected responses, the SILKC PATH team will be able to improve the platform and fine-tune it before releasing it to the public.

The pilot testing took place in the University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin (WSEI) in the period 7-9th of June 2022. University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin was established on the strength of the permission of the Minister of Education and Sport in 2000. The founder of the University is OIC Poland Foundation. 

The testers of the platform were:

1) students from the IT department of WSEI – senior year of studies, entering the labour market

2) members of the staff working at the university – employees and employers. 

In total, there were 20 people testing the platform. 

During the testing, there was one extra person supervising and monitoring the whole process. The supervisor gave instructions to the testers on the next steps of the pilot testing.

The students and staff members were divided into three groups. Each group tested one platform account. The accounts were the following: user account, recruiter account and institution account. In each of these accounts there were different functionalities to test by the students and staff. 

The overall feedback on the platform was positive. The majority of the testers were satisfied. They claimed the platform was easy to navigate, register, complete the profile and register new trainings and vacancies. Moreover, in terms of usefulness of the platform, testers noted the functionalities of the platform are working properly, and gave their suggestions on how to improve some of the elements (e.g. add information about internships, more detailed information about the courses they want to enroll, etc.). 

Partners will take into account all the comments and suggestions made by the testers and improve the platform in order to release it to the public.