Running your own business is always a big challenge. With great power comes great responsibility – that is why we define an entrepreneur as a person who takes risks and tries to manage in a competitive environment. Such actions require not only professional skills but also a number of predispositions and qualities that facilitate running a business. By analysing the key factors that contributed to the success in a business, one may state that it is the manager and his/her skills and qualities that are the most important. For example,       a famous economist, Marshall (1930) stated that a successful entrepreneur is equipped with 3 things: ability, capital and luck. The latest research shows that currently having capital is of less importance, and there are other significant factors, such as timing, i.e. setting up             a business in the best possible moment. However, one of the key determinants of success is still human, his/her predispositions, skills and determination (Gross, 2015). Even the very idea for business is not as important as the qualities of a future entrepreneur, no matter if the idea is brilliant and innovative. To sum up, the company’s success is less influenced by the business objective or available resources – it is the entrepreneur who is of key importance.

To support people who plan their own business, we took measures to create a tool that checks the level of entrepreneurial qualities. It will allow people who plan to start           a business to make informed decision or take up actions in order to identify any gaps or problems. Here we would like to showcase our new Business starter tool. It is a psychometric online tool developed by the Polish Foundation of the Opportunities Industrialization Centers “OIC Poland” which allows for a quick and accurate diagnosis of the qualities which may foster the success of entrepreneurs. 

The BUSINESS STARTER tool measures the level of thirteen qualities that foster the entrepreneurial success of people who plan to start a business in the near future i.e.

  1. Optimism 
  2. Self-efficacy 
  3. Identifying opportunities 
  4. Persistence 
  5. Innovativeness 
  6. Motivation 
  7. Independence and autonomy 
  8. Risk-taking 
  9. Building relationships 
  10. Flexibility 
  11. Problem-solving 
  12. Decision-making 
  13. Coping with stress 

Of course, the above mentioned qualities are not a closed list of features fostering entrepreneurial success. Nevertheless, these qualities, in psychology of entrepreneurship, management and economics, are the most frequently mentioned predictors of success in business. The assessment with the BUSINESS STARTER tool is the first step towards a conscious capacity-building as an entrepreneur.

The tool may also support institutions which prepare people to start their businesses. Thanks to the research of the entrepreneur’s qualities, the trainings and consultations can be planned and conducted more effectively. The time spent in the training room can be shorter and more productive. For more information about our tool or to access the full publication, please visit our website: