In order to guarantee a good quality platform that will be tailored to the needs of the users, OIC Poland Foundation conducted a pilot testing in Poland. The aim of the pilot testing was to collect the feedback from the potential users of the platform on the technical issues, ease of use, usefulness of the… Read More

Hundreds of new items are found on the net every day, many of which are unreliable or perhaps not completely correct.  So-called fake news is spreading fast and is becoming a problem for readers and for the credibility of social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), which are not easily able to counteract it, despite increasing… Read More

The portability of recognition of online learning: Although the open-badges, and the europass data is importable on some learning and career managing platforms, Users feedbacks spotted out difficulties to integrate them due to the technical requirements and format problems. If the data tracking-including badges-could be done automatically by the platform, that would allow users to… Read More

As a careful observer might have noted, recent projects financed by the European Commission are edging towards Open Source. This is a beneficial, yet widely misunderstood, concept that benefit EU citizens. In this article, we will synthesize why it is beneficial and how to make sure it is done correctly. What is Open Source ?… Read More

In recent years, the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) has gained increasing importance in our daily lives. Currently, ICTs are used in many fields, including public health, road safety, retail and cultural heritage (CH). Decision support systems (DSSs) are hailed as a possible solution to the onerous cognitive burden currently placed on experts… Read More

A short story of the OER.  Since 2002, the movement for open educational resources (OER) has grown and spread around the world. Its  supporter advocate for  accessible and free educational resources for all. For the latter, all educational resources should be free of rights so that they can be improved collectively for the benefit of… Read More

Running your own business is always a big challenge. With great power comes great responsibility – that is why we define an entrepreneur as a person who takes risks and tries to manage in a competitive environment. Such actions require not only professional skills but also a number of predispositions and qualities that facilitate running… Read More

The project “SILKC Path” gets its name from its goal: designing an Open Source platform for Skills Integration in a Learning, Knowledge and Career PATHway. It is obviously a wink to the silk road(s), a long path (or series of long paths) through which silk and other items were transported for commercial exchanges between Turkey… Read More

Covid-19 information and disinformation: the role of Artificial Intelligence. This article is intended to discuss Fake News in connection with Artificial Intelligence,  which  is one of the most important topics related to Communication and Social Networks. The current situation due to Covid-19 pandemic brought many fears and uncertainties to our societies. In these last months,… Read More

Deep learning is one of the forms of artificial intelligence. According to Yann Le CUN, it is a crossroads between several fields of knowledge: neuroscience, mathematics and technical progress.  Why deep?  Deep learning is composed in the same way as our brain, i.e. with several layers of neurons. The information will then pass through the… Read More