We have talked in previous articles about Artificial Intelligence and its proven or possible impact on education. In this article, we’ll explain why we believe it makes sense to use Deep Learning to help professionals find their next career step and succeed in it. What is Deep Learning? In essence, Deep Learning is a way… Read More

The role of Digital Technologies in the Schools’ environment has become essential, especially considering the nowadays Covid-19 context, in which mobility has been limited. This underlines undoubtedly the need of change the classroom life along with the way of learning and teaching. New ways of thinking and revolutionary practises are indispensable in order to collaborate… Read More

There are several tools and tips to improve the ergonomics of a platform. First of all, it’s important to choose congruent illustrations, i.e. they must have a link with the elements mentioned. Choosing a coherent picture will allow users to have a better memory and understanding of the platform. (Bransford and Johnson, 1972). In order… Read More

Labor Mobility is a concept that becomes relevant for an increasing number of European citizens. The main reasons behind migration are related with economic difficulties. However, various studies (e.g. Markus Jokela- “Personality and the Realisation of Migration Desires”) refer that “the individual who is making the decision, voluntary residential mobility can be seen as a… Read More

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has changed the world over the past few years. Last year it was revealed that Artificial Intelligence in education will remain one of the top industries to drive investment, with the U.S. and China becoming the top key players by 2030. Major companies, like Google and IBM, are getting involved in making… Read More

In previous articles, we have discussed the importance of recognition in the form of credentials. In this article, we will discuss the only common digital way so far to represent those credentials. History of Open Badges The idea behind Open Badges was born in 2011 in the Mozilla Foundation (the same that publishes tools for… Read More

Adaptive learning systems  based on the learning that happens with online resources involving virtual social networks in the world where “, virtual social networks -widely democratized nowadays- are everyday learning spaces. Individual or collective “autodidaxis” (self-learning)  is widespread in these new universes suggesting   the scarcity or even the nonexistence of social learning relationships. ”(Cyrot… Read More

The pioneering concept of competencies by McClelland (1973) underlines importance of the criteria connected with the fulfilment of special tasks. The emphasis put on the behaviour pattern is the starting point of the so-called behavioural model of competencies. In accordance with this model, the competent person knows how to behave in order to achieve the… Read More

We’ve covered in a previous article what a digital credential is. In short, digital credentials are a proof of qualification, competence or clearance, that is attached to a person. This is a vast definition, however. In this article, we’ll try to give some examples of what we consider worth of getting a credential. Proof of… Read More

Nowadays, the spread and growth of Web 2.0 applications have created a new world of communication and collaboration. More than a billion people around the world are connected by social networks and instant messengers. They support themselves through wikis, podcasts, discussion posts, comments, and instant messaging. New generation of online social networks is enabled by… Read More